Landlords looking to Let

Are you looking to let out your property? Do you want estate managers who you can trust to manage your properties for you?  Letting out a property can be a jungle with all that is involved from marketing, fielding calls including from unscrupulous agents, property viewings to documentation.  BOYDS was established with you in mind. You have invested. Now let us do the rest.

We have the right team, the ideas, the drive and the right altitude to help you realise the value of your property investment. Whether you are a first time Landlord or an experienced property investor, we will be able to provide a service that is precisely tailored to your needs.

We understand our role as finding the right tenant who will not only help in  maximising income for our Landlords, but even more importantly, finding a tenant that will look after your investment and has the financial standing to pay your rent.

When you appoint us to be your letting agents, we will discuss valuation of your property and marketing strategy. We will be upfront about the cost and there won’t be any nasty surprises with unexpected fees and add-ons.

We will make sure that we take the best pictures of your property to accompany our description of your property. We will schedule viewings with interested potential tenants. When we have a tenant, we will endeavour to take references from previous landlords and make sure that they have the wherewithal to pay your rent.

We also have in-house legal resources so that if you have any other property or legal requirements, we are not going to refer you elsewhere. Our team are on hand to give advice and help.


We offer both Full Property Management and Let only services.

Full Property Management

Boyds will be responsible for management and resolving all maintenance issues during the tenant’s occupation of the property. We will manage the property from start to finish. This is ideal for a busy or landlords who are abroad, and for land lords who do not want the stress associated with managing a rental property and prefer to have the day to day issues handled for them.

What does this service entail?

  • We will find a perfect tenant for your property
  • We will record an initial list of all the property’s assets
  • We will collect rent on your behalf
  • We will organise all the necessary documents with respect to contract terms.
  • We will make sure that city rates are paid
  • We will arrange for a home owner's insurance policy and all necessary maintenance
  • We will carry out periodic inspection of the property during the tenancy
  • We will carry out final inspection and deal with all possible end of tenancy disputes with the outgoing tenant

Let only

Boyds will be involved in marketing your property to find a suitable tenant. Once a tenant has been accepted by the landlord and all necessary formalities are completed, the landlord takes over. The landlord deals with matters such as onward rent collection and management and maintenance. This is ideal for landlords who would prefer to manage all the day to day responsibilities of their property portfolio.

What does this service entail?

  • We will advertise and find a suitable tenant for your property
  • We will record an initial list of all the property’s assets
  • We will organise all the necessary documents with respect to contract terms
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