Selling through Boyds

We understand that your home is your most treasured asset and our services are tailored with that in mind. We offer a one stop centre service for property services so that when you engage us to market your property, all the associated processes e.g. valuation, sale agreement and obtaining tax clearance, can be done under one roof.

When you instruct us to market your property, you can rest assured that we will go flat out to find a suitable buyer within the shortest period possible. We have a suite of tools at our disposal which we are going to deploy in order to maximize the exposure of your property to the market.

This is how we are going to market your property:

  • On this platform (Our Website). As a modern and dynamic company, we believe in making full use of technology to reach the widest audience of customers. Our strategy is to invest in making our website the first stop for property searches in Malawi so that we can reach out even to people who may not see the local papers which is the traditional medium for advertising properties in Malawi.
  • Direct advertising to people looking for property if it meets their requirements. We have a list of potential purchasers looking for properties. If your property nearly matches with the requirements of any of our property seekers, we will directly advertise your property to them with a view to achieving the quickest sale
  • Social Media. Our website is also linked to our facebook page in order to reach out to people who search for property via Facebook. We are not only on Facebook. We pay for advertising on facebook in order to maximize exposure of your property
  • We will also advertise your property in the local newspapers.
  • Mobile App. We are building a mobile app which will soon be available on the android market

Thinking of selling? Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can help you sell your property.

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